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Being charged with a crime in Tennessee is a serious matter. A criminal conviction can not only result in the assessment of heavy fines and costs, it can also result in days, weeks, or months (or even longer) of imprisonment. Additionally, a criminal conviction can carry with it administrative costs as well as a social stigma that results from being a “convicted criminal.”

Criminal defendants in Tennessee are afforded important rights and protections by state and federal laws, but these rights and protections can be waived (or given up) if they are not properly exercised and asserted. Therefore, it is important to retain experienced and aggressive criminal defense counsel as soon as possible after being charged with a criminal defense. The sooner you retain legal counsel, the sooner your Tennessee criminal defense attorney can begin crafting a personalized trial strategy designed to clear your name or (if an acquittal is not possible) minimize the negative consequences of a criminal conviction.

Assistance Available For A Variety Of Criminal Charges

Regardless of the precise charge leveled against you by law enforcement and the government’s prosecutor, the criminal defense lawyers of Douglass & Runger, PLLC, Attorneys at Law, are more than capable of assisting you in preparing and presenting your defense. The first step in doing so involves understanding the nature of your charges. We can help you if you have been charged with:

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