Nisha Soma

Metrics Coordinator

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Nisha Soma serves as the Metrics Coordinator at Douglass & Runger, where she has been an integral part of the team since February 2022. She operates from the dynamic backdrop of South Africa, offering a unique and global perspective to the firm’s Memphis-based activities. Her enthusiasm not only brightens the team spirit but also contributes to the multifaceted nature of the company’s culture.
Her passion lies in generating significant outcomes and embracing the myriad of challenges and opportunities that come with each new day. Nisha’s role is pivotal in monitoring and interpreting data to bolster the company’s performance metrics. However, her professional journey transcends beyond the confines of data spreadsheets and analytical charts.
Outside the realm of metrics, Nisha is an enthusiastic reader, constantly seeking to quench her thirst for knowledge through the pages of a book. Her love for reading is matched by her culinary adventures as an unapologetic foodie. Her past experience as a DJ still resonates with her life, allowing the rhythm of music to influence her approach to work, ensuring it remains as vibrant as a dance floor.