Office Pranks Make Us Better

I love a good prank. No one in our office is immune to an occasional practical joke, and it doesn’t even have to be April Fools’ Day for me to pull off elaborate — sometimes hair-raising — pranks. Luckily, everyone knows it’s all in good fun. In honor of the greatest pranking holiday on the planet, I want to share a few of our best office pranks ... CONTINUE READING

What to Know Before Stepparent Adoption

Stepparent adoptions — and other adoptions — are among some of the most rewarding tasks we do here at Douglass & Runger. Everyone is usually very excited about this opportunity, but we have witnessed the other side of stepparent adoption: the instances when it doesn’t work out. To avoid any additional hurt, heed these facts about stepparent adoption ... CONTINUE READING

4 Ways to Harvest Positive Vibes in Spring

Have you ever noticed that springtime just feels lighter and brighter? That’s because, believe it or not, the seasons affect us. When spring rolls around, the energy shifts, and it’s up to us to maximize those positive vibes. Let’s examine how we can make the most of spring and inject some color and vibrancy into our lives again after a long winter ... CONTINUE READING

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