My Favorite Summer Job!

Summer jobs can serve as great learning experiences for young people. Many people use summer jobs as a chance to earn a little extra money and gain exposure to real life jobs! Over the course of my youth, I had several summer jobs. I worked as a landscaper, at a car dealership and even spent a summer working at TCBY. That said, there was one summer job that totally changed my perspective on life, but also was a really cool job ... CONTINUE READING

3 Types of Podcasts for the Entire Family

As humans, we seem to be wired to absorb what we hear and create images in our heads of scenes being described to us. So, when we listen to podcasts, we tend to listen intently. It turns complex conversations into digestible content and transforms those conversations into relatable stories. Podcasts are generally free and available on a variety of different platforms, so all you need is a device and internet connection to tune in. Check out these three podcasts that the entire family, parents and kids alike, can listen to ... CONTINUE READING

Strange Items Banned in Sports

DIn the world of sports, just like in life, players have rules and regulations that they must abide by, or they’re out! But just because they’re enforced doesn’t mean some rules make complete sense. Check out these five strange rules that ban seemingly normal activities in the world of sports, some without any explanation at all ... CONTINUE READING

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