Seeing What the World Has to Offer

Fall is officially upon us, and many people love visiting national parks in October! The United States has some of the world’s most diverse landscapes, and there’s no better place to see America’s beauty than in its national parks. Currently, the U.S. has 63 national parks, each encompassing a unique beauty that attracts crowds of tourists every year. While I haven’t been to many of the parks, the ones I have visited provided some fantastic memories ... CONTINUE READING

How to Make an Uncooperative Spouse Pay Temporary Alimony

Oftentimes in a marriage, one spouse is the “bread winner” and earns significantly more income than his or her spouse. In order to provide an economically disadvantaged spouse financial support pending and after a divorce action, the Court may order an economically advantaged spouse to pay alimony, a support and maintenance payment, to an economically disadvantaged spouse. Whether or not an award of alimony is appropriate in a particular divorce action depends on a number of factors, including but not limited to: ... CONTINUE READING

The Greatest F1 Driver Nobody Talks About

Michael Schumacher was the greatest Formula One driver of all time, with an income that competed with Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. He’s also a longtime resident of Gland, Switzerland — yet, if you visit, you won’t find anything that bears his name. There are no pictures hanging on the walls, statues or plaques, and no evidence of him anywhere in town ... CONTINUE READING

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