How Our Clients’ Appreciation Is Our Motivator

After working many cases, talking to hundreds of clients, and working long hours daily, having our clients come back to us to express their gratitude is the most wonderful feeling. I’ve had plenty of clients express their appreciation to me, but I take the most pride when they express it to the team ... CONTINUE READING

How Anyone Can Benefit from Estate Plans

There are many misconceptions about estate planning, the number one always being that it is meant for the wealthy — and that is simply not the case. People from all income and wealth levels can benefit from a comprehensive estate plan, and the sooner you start, the better ... CONTINUE READING

Thanksgiving Is About More Than Food

As we prepare for our Thanksgiving feasts, Thursday night football games, and Black Friday shopping, take some time to show gratitude for those around you and for what you have. Here are a few ways to practice gratitude this month ... CONTINUE READING

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