In this video attorney Chelsea Connor details the home study you’ll get from adoption agencies during the exciting but oftentimes stressful adoption process. View this Family Law video below or see the transcript to learn more information. 

Hi, my name is Chelsea Connor and I’m an attorney. I have both been we see the adoption process, depending on the circumstances, you will probably be required to have home study completed this requirement may be waived in certain circumstances, including a set parent or related person adoption, prior to filing a petition for adoption, the prospective adoptive parents may request that a home study be completed of their home and themselves, the home study my son being completed or updated within six months of the filing of a petition for adoption in Tennessee, a licensed child placing agency or licensed social worker may complete the home study the home study includes at least one visit to the home, and interviews with all members of the family living in the home person conducting the home study, they asked you about your motivation to adopt and your ability to provide for the child. The agency or social worker may also speak with references. Other things that may be included in this interview will be your character value and ethical standards, physical and mental health and health and safety conditions for the home. The home study requirement may take a long time so it’s better to get started early, a home study may be daunting at first, but is actually quite exciting, because it gets you one step closer to completing your family. Should you have any further questions regarding the home site or environment, or the adoption process, please reach out to me at 901-388-2805.

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