Compassionate & Experienced Legal Representation for a Wide Variety of Family Law Issues


Family Law

Family law issues can be challenging matters to resolve. Divorce, child custody, and adoption are just a few of the issues in which parents and other family members can become overwhelmed by their passions and emotions. While a family law attorney is not able to quell all outbursts or prevent all disputes, he or she can be a reassuring figure to help ex-spouses and/or divorcing parents resolve their issues in a timely and effective manner.

At Douglass & Runger, PLLC, Attorneys at Law, our Tennessee family law attorneys partner with our clients to help ensure our clients receive the experienced and personalized service and counsel they need in order to make the best decisions and obtain the best outcomes for their families. Contact us today to learn how our knowledge and experience in family law issues can provide the steady hand necessary to guide you during this time.

Legal Representation for a Wide Variety of Family Law Issues

Family law issues are numerous, and it takes a family law attorney who has experience in the various areas of family law in order to be able to competently assist a particular family member/client. From marriages and prenuptial agreements to divorces and everything in between, our Memphis family law lawyers are here to assist you and vigorously represent your interests in and out of court during the following proceedings:


We are an experienced Memphis adoption lawyers who can help you with the adoption process, from start to finish.


Alimony is generally only awarded where there is a need by one spouse for the support and an ability to pay support by the other spouse.

Child Custody

it is important that your interests and those of your child are properly represented by a Memphis child custody attorney

Child Support

Legal counsel is necessary to ensure the guidelines are followed and/or the court appropriately considers the specific facts 

Child Support Modification

Legal counsel can help determine whether your existing child support order is capable of being modified

Contempt Matters

An experienced Memphis family law attorney can help you in petitioning the court to use its contempt powers to assist you


We can help ensure that your legal interests and rights are protected throughout the divorce process.

Elder Law

Senior citizens deserve to be cared for and protected.

Irrevocable Trusts

Irrevocable trusts can reduce taxes, protect assets, and offer long-term financial security. 

Mediation | ADR

Mediation could help you get divorced without the need for litigation. 

Military Divorce

Our Memphis military divorce attorneys help service members with divorce and child custody.

Orders of Protection

Attorney’s assistance is not required to obtain any of these orders, it can be helpful in making sure these orders stay in place for a sufficient period of time

Paternity Suits

It is important that he have representation from a Tennessee paternity suit lawyer throughout the proceedings.

Prenuptial Agreements

Both spouses should also retain separate legal counsel to ensure their legal interests are protected.

Special Needs Trusts

Our Memphis estate planning lawyers can help you create a special needs trust to care for a disabled loved one.

Veterans Pension Planning

Our Memphis VA planning lawyers can help you qualify and apply for the Veterans Pension or Survivor Pension through the VA.


Make sure your legal rights to your child are honored by retaining the services of a Tennessee visitation attorney

DeSoto County Adoption Attorney

Hernando, Mississippi family lawyers for related, stepparent, agency, and independent adoption in DeSoto County.

Mississippi Adoption Attorney

Hernando, Mississippi attorney for related, stepparent, agency, and contested adoptions in DeSoto County.

Mississippi Child Custody Lawyer

Joint and sole physical and legal child custody in a DeSoto County divorce.

Mississippi Divorce Attorney

No-fault and fault-based divorces, child custody, asset division, and spousal support in DeSoto County.

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