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Despite its inevitability and universal reach, death is a topic that is difficult for most people to discuss. Most people want their deaths to be a time where their own life is celebrated and their surviving family members are able to come together. Most people do not want their deaths to be a time marked by family squabbling and disputes. While you cannot control the actions and attitudes of others, you can make the management of your affairs much less complex – and increase the chances for displays of family unity and love upon your death – by engaging the services of a seasoned Tennessee estate and probate law attorney.

Tennessee estate and probate law attorneys are both proactive and reactive. They are proactive in that they help craft the documents and estate plans that provide certainty and clarity to your surviving family members about what you want to happen regarding your affairs at the time of your death. They are also reactive in that they respond to sudden and not-so-sudden deaths by helping guide the surviving family members through the legal obligations they must fulfill to wrap up the deceased’s personal affairs. Douglass & Runger, Attorneys at Law, is here to help you during these confusing and difficult times.

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Help in Planning and Administering a Loved One’s Estate

At Douglass & Runger, Attorneys at Law, we recommend that individuals consult with us to create an estate plan that captures their final wishes and desires concerning their property and other important affairs. But writing wills and trusts is only a part of what we do: we also stand with the surviving family members after the death of their loved one to help them administer the deceased’s estate. Some of the services we provide include:

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