If you need a probate attorney, contact Curt Runger at Douglass & Runger, PLLC, Attorneys at Law. I had an unfortunate bicycle accident this year. It sent me to the Regional One Hospital in Memphis Tn. Upon my arrival, I had the answer of “no” to the “Do you have a will?” question from the trauma nurse. The accident was just me, my bike, and the road. I didn’t have to search for a personal injury attorney, there was no automobile involved in the accident, but my broken ribs and collarbone had nurses thinking otherwise. I did have questions about creating a legal will. I also have the added complexity of just getting married. What does that mean for creating a legal will that covers what I need covered. My wife and I are changing all kinds of documents. New addresses for me, a new last name for her. You can see where Curt was a valuable resource. He guided me where to start and what to consider in my situation. Thank you Curt and everyone else I spoke with at your office.