In October 2019 I had come to the decision that my marriage of 10 years would be ending in divorce. With no knowledge of how to start the process or who to seek counsel in, I drew my luck with an attorney search in Google. I came across several offices that offered services, but nothing stuck out. Finally I came across the Douglas and Runger Attorney Office and filled out a quick and easy consultation form on line. Within that same day I was contacted by a representative that took my information, explained each step of what I needed and I was able to schedule an appointment to see someone.

My first appointment was with Attorney Joy Robertson. From our first meeting I felt welcomed, comfortable and she was exceedingly knowledgeable on any questions that I had. She has actually worked on a few cases for me and I recommend her to anyone who needs a thorough and professional attorney to represent you or your family members. Joy is by the book and thinks strategically. Once again, very professional and completely unbiased with ethical and logical reasoning. Attention to detail is her forte.