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People come to the United States from countries around the world for a variety of reasons, including to work, to live with family, or to seek asylum when they are in danger. Navigating the laws that govern how and when a person is allowed to legally enter the U.S. can be difficult, and understanding the forms that must be filed and the procedures that must be followed often requires the assistance of an experienced legal advocate.

At Douglass & Runger, Attorneys at Law, our Tennessee immigration lawyers assist individuals, families, and employers with a wide variety of legal issues, including applying for visas, adjusting status, and obtaining citizenship. With our knowledge and experience in immigration law, we can answer your questions and protect your rights throughout the immigration process.

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People come to the United States from all over the world to take advantage of the opportunities it provides to
Lawyers Helping Performers, Scientists, and Teachers Obtain Nonimmigrant Visas in Shelby County The United States provides many opportunities for people
People come from all over the world to work in the United States in a variety of occupations, but before
The process of immigrating to the United States can be complex and lengthy, requiring interaction with multiple agencies and organizations.
The United States provides both U.S. citizens and foreign nationals with a wide variety of opportunities for employment. However, in
The United States provides many people with the opportunity to work and provide for themselves and their families. However, it
Bringing your loved ones to the United States through immigration can be a complex and lengthy process. Various types of
There are a wide variety of opportunities to earn an income in the United States, and people who live in
People come from all over the world to live in the United States. Whether they have come to the U.S.
Every year, millions of people around the world are forced to leave their home countries because of war, persecution, or

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