Mistakes people make waiting too long to hire an attorney in a car wreck case

In this video attorney Curt Runger details the common mistakes people make when they wait too long to hire an attorney for their car wreck case. View the video below or see the transcript to hear Curt’s guidance so you won’t end up in this personal injury situation.

Hey my name is Curt Runger and I’m an attorney in Memphis, Tennessee and I help clients who are involved in car or trucking accident cases, recover money for their personal injuries, one critical mistake that I see happen to a lot of the people that I represent and then some people who ultimately actually can’t represent because they made this mistake is when individuals wait until the last minute to try to hire an attorney to handle their personal injury client in Tennessee we have a one year statute of limitations on personal injury cases. What that means is an individual who is injured in a car or truck wreck case has one year from the date of the wreck, in which to either resolve the claim with an insurance company, or to file suit. So one thing that people will oftentimes try to do is they’ll try to resolve the case themselves they’ll try to basically cut out the lawyer and say well I don’t want to pay a lawyer. One third of my settlement I’ll just try to do it myself, and insurance adjusters love people like this, they absolutely love people like this because what they can do is string them along until the last minute and then throw them a low ball offer. And what happens is then is the potential client reaches out to our office or another lawyers office is Hey, can you help me out with this case well do when did the wreck occur oh you know we’re coming up on the one year statute of limitations. A lot of times, lawyers, they’re just gonna say, I don’t have time to do it I can’t do it. I don’t know enough about your case you know you went into the last minute so then you’re in a potentially a situation where you basically have to take the low ball offer that the that the insurance adjuster offers you or, you know, hopefully we can call every lawyer in town and try to find somebody who’ll take your case. And we need adequate amount of time to work, a personal injury case and there’s a lot more to it than what a lot of people think so. do not make this incredibly stupid mistake. Number one, trying to handle your case yourself or number two waiting until the last minute to seek out counsel because it could negatively impact your case, it could, it could preclude you from recovering at all. If you have any questions about car or truck read cases, please give me a call. Once again, my name is Kurt Runger and my number is (901)388-85805. Thank you.

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