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Mr. Runger was very helpful in helping me deal with my father’s will and estate. He saved me time and money by explaining my responsibilities and duties as executor. He did so in language I could understand, not being a lawyer myself. He called back very quickly when I had additional questions. I would highly recommend him and will call him again when I have need of an attorney.

Highly recommend!


Me Runger is an excellent attorney, very professional and affordable. I really appreciate how mr Runger went in depth investigation in our case. It was a very difficult case. How ever we won.

Child support case


I needed an Attorney with Trust and Estate experience that could help me with a situation in another State. Mr. Runger was highly recommend to me from another attorney whom I highly respected. Mr. Runger was able to assist me in a very short time and very reasonable cost. I highly recommend Mr Runger first r any of your needs!

Linda Briscoe


Curt has helped me and my family on numerous matters. The results have always been the same: prompt, professional handling of the cases. Really glad I’ve got him on my side.

Always there for you


I have used Mr.Runger for anything that requires a lawyer and even if it’s a question that’s now law related but still need advice such as real estate, he goes above and beyond to make sure I have the info I need to make the best decision.

David Golden


I hired Curt to help me with my permit to carry that had expired. He was quick, to the point, and very professional. I quickly had my license to carry again in no time. Curt is a good man, with morals and conscience of mind. I would recommend him anytime to anyone. If you want the job done, correctly and honestly, he is the man.

A really great lawyer and person


If you need a probate attorney, contact Curt Runger at Douglass & Runger, PLLC, Attorneys at Law. I had an unfortunate bicycle accident this year. It sent me to the Regional One Hospital in Memphis Tn. Upon my arrival, I had the answer of “no” to the “Do you have a will?” question from the trauma nurse. The accident was just me, my bike, and the road. I didn’t have to search for a personal injury attorney, there was no automobile involved in the accident, but my broken ribs and collarbone had nurses thinking otherwise. I did have questions about creating a legal will. I also have the added complexity of just getting married. What does that mean for creating a legal will that covers what I need covered. My wife and I are changing all kinds of documents. New addresses for me, a new last name for her. You can see where Curt was a valuable resource. He guided me where to start and what to consider in my situation. Thank you Curt and everyone else I spoke with at your office.

Andrew Mo


I have worked with Curt for many years. Whenever I have a probate issue in one of my injury cases, Curt Runger is the attorney I turn to for assistance. Curt is efficient and has such a vast work knowledge of the probate laws and courts that I know my clients are in excellent hands. Honest, caring, hard working and reliable. Highly recommend him to anyone (and I do regularly)!

Matthew Porter

Bob Browder

I have worked with Curt and his staff via a few mutual clients. Great Attorneys and Great Folks. They always put their clients first. Very knowledgeable, nice, professional, and they do great work.

Bob Browder


Curt Runger helped me with an employer contract review that had to be completed on a very short time line. He was extremely responsive and did a full review and several rewrites to help protect my interest. I don’t think that I could have started with the company without his help!



I was referred to Curtis Runger by an attorney friend. Mr. Runger was extremely quick with his communications always responded in a very timely manner. He also provided a clear concise overview of my options. He was “to the point” but at the same time he listened and I never felt like i was being rushed. I would definitely recommend Curtis to anyone without hesitation. Thank you Curtis!

Lewis Dunn


I have worked with Curt for many years. Whenever I have a probate issue in one of my injury cases, Curt Runger is the attorney I turn to for assistance. Curt is efficient and has such a vast work knowledge of the probate laws and courts that I know my clients are in excellent hands. Honest, caring, hard working and reliable. Highly recommend him to anyone (and I do regularly)!

Matthew Porter


Curt took over my case from another attorney. He made it his priority to get justice for me. When he took over my case the value tripled. I could not ask for a better attorney . He knows the law inside out. I would definitely use curt again and recommend him to a family member or friend.

Five Star Attorney


Over the years I’ve consulted with Curt Runger seeking advice on construction and real estate matters. He has also provided valuable guidance of personal legal issues as well. He is knowledgable and attentive and has proven his worth.

Daniel Cipriani


I have worked with curt several times and each time he comes through above and beyond. He is in expert in his field and I highly recommend!

Somer Nelson

Bailey Hill

The attorneys at Douglass and Runger are very sincere and hard working attorneys. They are attentive to their client’s needs, wishes, and goals and work diligently to achieve success for their clients. I would highly recommend the attorneys at Douglass and Runger to family and friends for their legal needs.

Bailey Hill

Thomas Steele

Attorney Runger was very professional and informative. I used his services to form an LLC for a mobile app. His advise went past the legality of business formation and into prominent sales and advertising practices. For me, it showed he there for more than a retainer fee. He truly wanted to help my business succeed.

Attorney Runger has a quick response to any inquires. I would recommend an attorney of his caliber to anyone. I am definitely going to use his services for other business ventures!

Thomas Steele


I absolutely love the service Psyona Hackett, JD provides! I have referred several friends to her over the years.

Jasmine H


What kind I say? If I could give a million stars I surely would. Chelsea was courteous and very prompt. She gave me a payment arrangement that was reasonable. When I needed her she was very responsive whether if it was by phone call or email. I told her I wanted to be divorced before my 41st birthday and she made it happen a month and 1 day before.

Canitha Sanders


Curt was great during our situation. He went above and beyond on getting my situation taken care of. He was very prompt on calling me and keeping me in the loop with everything that was going on. He was great and I will use him again.!



Miss Psonya Hackett was very professional and responsive to our needs. She listened to our situation instead of just screaming out a price before we could finished talking with her and that was the main thing we were looking for. KEEP UP THE AWESOME AND PROFESSIONAL WORK Miss Hackett!!!

Racquel Ward


Curt Runger helped me with an employer contract review that had to be completed on a very short time line. He was extremely responsive and did a full review and several rewrites to help protect my interest. I don’t think that I could have started with the company without his help!

Curtis Parker


Curt Runger was great with my case. I was having issues with a traffic ticket, and he made the whole process quick and easy. I would recommend his services to anyone!

Lauren Moore


Mr. Runger did a great job handling a legal matter for my business. He was very professional and straight forward.

Carlyle Van Putten


I was represented by Curt Runger and was extremely satisfied with his services! Should I, or any of my friends, require legal services in the future, I will most certainly be calling Curt again!

Greg Innis


I came to Curt’s office with a contract that I was uncomfortable signing because I didn’t fully understand all of the legal terminology. He walked through all 20+ pages of the contract with me, line by line, and explained everything I would be committing to by signing it. I left with a much better understanding of the agreement and was able to confidently sign and execute it. I highly recommend Mr. Runger for all of your legal needs, no matter how big or small.

Andy Wilson


I had a very positive experience. It was smoothe and professional. Chelsea Connor was very helpful and prompt in both communication and fillings. I would use her services again. I was charged a fair price and there were no surprises.

Rachel Willhite


Curt Runger was extremely diligent, he took his time in getting the best outcome for my case. He has compassion for what he does and advocates for his clients.

Jenae Henderson


My divorce was an extremely complicated process. Curt provided solid legal advice that resulted in an excellent settlement agreement under difficult circumstances. Curt is very personable and dedicated to resolving any issues that may occur. His service exceeded my expectations. I absolutely recommend his legal services.

Great Divorce Attorney


I recently was in need of a lawyer for some probate issues with a deceased relative. I was must certainly not looking forward to dealing with all of this and expected it to be a nightmare. Luckily I end up dealing with Ms. Joy Robertson and could not have been happier with the level of service that we received. She made the process easy and as stress free as possible.

Rob Donohue


Mr. Runger Represented me on a personal injury case I was pleased with the results.

Paula Rae Morgan


My wife and I retained Curt to represent our daughter during a very difficult time. Curt is a true professional in every way. He represented our family during our time of need and got everything handled just as he said he would. I recommend Curt for all of your legal needs.

Retain Curt for your legal needs.

Nikki Benedetti

Chelsea is so professional and prompt to answer any questions I had. I highly recommend her!

Nikki Benedetti


I took my car to Jim Keras Chevrolet to have repairs done. While it was there someone stole the tires and rims off of my car leaving the car on bricks! The people at Jim Keras told me I was responsible and that they would not replace the stolen wheels. I was DISTRAUGHT! I spent thousands of dollars on my rims and my car is a corvette. I reached out to a few lawyers, some seemed skeptical to take on a car giant such as Keras but Mr. Runger was outraged by what they did to me and ensured me he would make them pay! Mr. Runger was a Godsend! He jumped on the case, he was diligent, professional and most of all a PIT BULL to them but he showed ME so much compassion. Mr. Runger knew his laws and told me what to do step by step and was very patient with me. He didn’t let up and we WON our case without even having to go to court! I am so thankful for Mr. Runger and I truly recommend his services to anyone in need of a great knowledgeable lawyer.

Mr. Runger is AWESOME!!! I cant' sing his praises enough!


I’ve worked with several attorneys at Douglass & Runger, PLLC including Curt Runger and what I can say is if you’re in the Memphis area, work with this firm! Curt and his team are professionals who flat out know how to get results and know the law. They are trust worthy people who care about their clients. The quality of the attorneys is also very high at a great price. Just hire them!

Dustin Radin


Exceptional law firm. Both Curt Runger and Megan House have worked with me on multiple issues and they deliver quality and compassionate legal representation across the board. Their teamwork, collaboration, and knowledge make them excellent to work with.

Jessica Snyder


Joy Robertson was AWESOME! Our initial visit was very professional and friendly. I really felt like Joy listened to everything we had to say and she put my mind at ease. She kept us up to date on the status of our case and ultimately got us our full settlement without having to go to court! I highly recommend Joy to anyone looking for an attorney!

Leah Fors


I highly recommend Curt Runger. Along with being an excellent attorney, he is incredibly knowledgable and went above and beyond every time. Both he and his staff go out of their way to make you feel at ease. They definitely work to keep your best interests as the end goal. Curt Runger was available on a daily basis, even after hours, and always responded to my questions promptly and professionally. I cannot thank them enough!!!

Barry Jackson

Jay Brenner

Curt Runger is a responsive, aggressive, ethical attorney. I’ve known him for over a decade and routinely turn to him with legal questions. I’ve never been disappointed.

Jay Brenner


I met with Mr. Runger about my divorce . I told Mr. Runger what I wanted and needed from a attorney .Also told Mr. Runger that he would have a challenge in resolving issues regarding my spouse at the time. Mr. Runger gladly accepted the challenge . With timely speed and professionalism my case was resolved. I was pleased with the outcome !!! And would recommend Mr. Runger highly.

Mr. Runger was the best choice in handling my divorce !

Mosha Williams

In October 2019 I had come to the decision that my marriage of 10 years would be ending in divorce. With no knowledge of how to start the process or who to seek counsel in, I drew my luck with an attorney search in Google. I came across several offices that offered services, but nothing stuck out. Finally I came across the Douglas and Runger Attorney Office and filled out a quick and easy consultation form on line. Within that same day I was contacted by a representative that took my information, explained each step of what I needed and I was able to schedule an appointment to see someone.

My first appointment was with Attorney Joy Robertson. From our first meeting I felt welcomed, comfortable and she was exceedingly knowledgeable on any questions that I had. She has actually worked on a few cases for me and I recommend her to anyone who needs a thorough and professional attorney to represent you or your family members. Joy is by the book and thinks strategically. Once again, very professional and completely unbiased with ethical and logical reasoning. Attention to detail is her forte.



Curt Runger is simply amazing to work with. I have worked with him on a few different things and he is so knowledgeable, takes the time to walk you through each step and always answers questions. I have full confidence in his abilities and will continue to work with him in the future.

Erin Blackwell


I had the privilege of working with Ms. Chelsea Connor Associate Attorney. She is “legally red”. She is very knowledgeable and extremely courteous. She was available any time I needed her. 5 stars for Ms. Connor!

Sarah Hammond


Recently, I had the privilege of consulting with attorneys, Joy Robertson and Curtis A. Runger. Both were extremely knowledgeable, solicitous, and conscientious. They seemed to have all the time in the world to examine my affairs and to answer all of my questions. I was particularly impressed with Ms. Robertson for her kind and well-informed attention in addressing my questions. I know that their fees are very reasonable, also. I highly recommend both for their legal knowledge, competence, and integrity. If the need arises, I will certainly seek their counsel in the future.

Phyllis Eder


Curtis Runger initially started out helping my sister with a personal injury lawsuit. Unfortunately before the matter was concluded, my sister passed away. Curtis has been a blessing to my mom and myself since her passing; handling her estate, settlement, etc. He was always very professional, polite, intelligent and compassionate. We will always turn to him for any legal matter we may face in the future.


Alicia Q


Curt Runger handled some legal issues for me. He is very informative and on top of things. He did a great job. If you are looking for legal counsel Mr. Runger will do a fine job. Highly recommend him!

Well Recommended