How is child support calculated in Tennessee?

In this video attorney Curt Runger answers the question of how child support is calculated in the state of Tennessee. View the video below or see the transcript to hear Curt’s answer to this confusing, yet very important question.

Hi my name is Curt Runger and I’m an attorney in Memphis, Tennessee and I help my clients navigate through the difficult divorce process by protecting what’s most important to them: their assets, and their minor children. One question that I am routinely asked is, “how is Child Support calculated in Tennessee?” Child support in Tennessee is governed by our child support guidelines. And these guidelines are basically just that their guidelines that set forth how Child Support is calculated. But in a nutshell, we have a child support calculator, in Tennessee. And what it is is essentially, a computer formula that we attorneys plug numbers into to calculate a child support obligation. So the two most important variables that go into this computer formula are the gross monthly income of the mother and the gross monthly income of the Father. We’re talking about gross monthly income not net so not what you take home. Each month but what your gross pay is the second most important variable in the child support calculator is the number of days that each parent spends with the minor children. So this is literally the number of days out of 365 days a year that each parent spends with the minor children. There are a couple other variables that can be included in the child support calculator as well. One of them is health insurance premiums so if mother or father is providing health insurance for the minor children. The minor children’s portion of the monthly health insurance premium would be a variable that can be inserted into the child support calculator. If one of the parents is incurring expenses for work related childcare, that figure can also be put into the computer formula as well. And there’s a couple of other little variables that can be included but by and large, that is how Child Support is calculated Tennessee, we put those numbers in the child support calculator, and an obligation is is created, and it’s pretty it’s pretty straightforward actually for the most part, so if you have any questions about divorce law or child support in Tennessee please give me a call.

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