How quickly can I get a divorce in Tennessee?

In this video Memphis attorney Curt Runger talks about how quickly you could get a divorce in the state of Tennessee. View the video below or see the transcript to hear Curt’s response to this very important divorce information.

Transcript: Hi my name is Curt Runger and I’m the Managing member of Douglass & Runger, PLLC which is a Memphis law firm, and we help our family law clients, navigate through the difficult and oftentimes emotional divorce process by helping them protect the most important things to them, their minor children, and their assets. One of the questions that I am asked almost on a weekly basis is, how long will it take me to get my divorce. All right, you’ve made the decision. You want to move forward with the divorce matter, and now you want to know how long is this thing going to take and of course the answer is, it depends on a number of factors. Most importantly, whether or not you’re able to come to terms with your spouse, the terms of the divorce and have it be done on an uncontested basis, but there is a 60 day mandatory waiting period in Tennessee from the date that the divorce complaint is filed before your divorce can be finalized now that is if you do not have minor children, so no minor children, even if everything goes as smoothly as possible, you’re still looking at that 60 day waiting period from the date that the actual complaint for divorce is filed, not the day you separate, not the day that you determined that you want to file for divorce, the date that the actual divorce complaint is filed. So, if you have minor children involved. There is a mandatory 90 day statutory waiting period, from the time that the divorce complaint is filed until the divorce can be finalized so it’s a little bit longer if you got minor children involved, but in Memphis, the reality is when we file for divorce your case is going to end up in one of 12 different courtrooms and it is completely random which courtroom you end up in so once the statutory waiting period is up whether it’s 60 days or 90 days. We still have to schedule it for a hearing in the judge’s courtroom that your case ends up and so we’re somewhat beholden to that judge’s court calendar. If you have any questions about divorce in Tennessee, please give me a call at 901-388-5805 and I’d be happy to answer those questions once again my name is Kurt runner, and my phone number is 901-388-5805. Thank you. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to call Curt or his team at Douglass & Runger, PLLC at 901-388-5805 relating to other questions you may have about the divorce process.
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