Can a minor receive an inheritance in Tennessee?

In this video attorney Curt Runger answers the question of if a minor can receive an inheritance in the state of Tennessee. View the video below or see the transcript below to hear Curt’s answer to this confusing question.

My name is Curt Runger and I’m an attorney in Memphis, Tennessee, and I help get my clients peace of mind by navigating them through the probate process after the death of a loved one. One of the saddest situations that I see in probate law is when a minor child experiences the death of a parent, and one question that people always have is can a minor inherit under an estate? And the answer is no. So, if you are a minor or you are in charge of a minor and they actually inherit property from the death of a parent whether that inheritance comes pursuant to a last will and testament, or whether they inherit as an heir at law in the event that their parent did not have a last will and testament. They cannot inherit the money until they reach the age of 18 so what has to happen is we actually have to establish a guardianship. In our probate court and a guardian will be appointed for the minor child, and then when the guardianship is opened. The money that the miner will receive from the estate is actually paid into the guardianship. And the guardianship is supervised by our probate court judges until the miner reaches the age of 18. Should you have any questions about the probate process or guardian ships please feel free to contact me.

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